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Chargd Receives Council Grant for Back on Your Bike Program

Chargd is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a small business grant from Campbelltown City Council for our Back on Your Bike program. Cr Luci Blackborough, Chair Economic Development Advisory Committee, and Emily Moskwa, Team Leader Economic Development, recently presented us with a grant cheque, which will enable us to launch this exciting new initiative aimed at promoting sustainable and active lifestyles within our community.

adelaide ebikes

Cr Luci Blackborough, Emily Moskwa,Team Leader Economic Development, and Jakeb celebrate the grants program


Cr Luci Blackborough, Chair of Council’s Economic Development Advisory Committee, shared her enthusiasm for the program and Chargd's successful grant application, stating,

‘We are thrilled to support Chargd in launching this fantastic initiative. The Back on Your Bike program strongly aligns with our goals of promoting sustainable and active lifestyles within our community. It's wonderful to see local businesses like Chargd leading the way in innovative, inclusive projects that benefit everyone in the City of Campbelltown.’

About the Back on Your Bike program

As a local business dedicated to fostering wellness and environmental sustainability, we are excited to offer this initiative, which is designed to encourage members of our community, particularly senior members as well as people with disability, to rediscover the joy of cycling using electric bikes.

The program offers a unique opportunity for participants to experience the benefits of electric bikes without any financial commitment. We provide access to four electric bikes and helmets, allowing participants to explore selected Council areas in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

‘This grant is an honour and will enable us to make a real difference, promoting health, sustainability, and community engagement. We can't wait to see our neighbours exploring the beautiful routes on our electric bikes. Chargd have found such generous support from the Council since we’ve moved into the area and can’t thank them enough,’ stated Jakeb Barry, Owner of Chargd.

We are opening this program for bookings soon. More details to come.

About the Council’s small business grants

The Campbelltown City Council's Small Business Grant program aims to support


new and established businesses in Campbelltown. Twice a year, the Council invites applications for funding initiatives that promote economic development and investment in the local area. Funding is available for a range of activities, including business expansion, improved access (such as disability access), commercialisation, premise upgrades, activation events, sustainability initiatives, research and development, innovation, and exporting.

Chargd is honoured to have received this grant and we look forward to the positive impact the Back on Your Bike program will have on our community. We believe this initiative will benefit local businesses and residents while enhancing the area’s reputation as a forward-thinking and inclusive community.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Back on Your Bike program. 

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